Pleased as punch to receive an invitation to design a logo for a new event planning company. The creation of three honorary southern belles, High Cotton Event is all it sounds like. Folks planning a soiree in the Carolinas (USA) needn’t have a care in the world — this well-traveled trio is creative, gracious and resourceful. Like make-an-outfit-from-curtains resourceful (Vivien Leigh or Julie Andrews, dependin’ on your taste in movies). Whatever an occasion needs—fine food, envy-provoking flowers, divine design—honey, they do it.

Early on, I plant the seed that a clean, modern take would serve as a fine counterpoint to a company name that’s already bursting with tradition and a savory, southern wit. But they’re seeing engraving-style illustration. I want to go abstract with every fiber of my being but the ladies know what they want.

The day I arrive, they’ve just arranged for a panicking out-of-town mother of the bride to have her hair done at the hottest (and always booked) salon in town. From hot mess to hot mama with one phone call. They are well-connected. I am well impressed.

When we reveal ‘The Grand Boll’ as we’ve monikered it, they give us an immediate ‘That’s the one!’ They’re thrilled. I’m pleased (as punch) with it, too. The ladies’ enthusiasm and panache are infectious. They pause for a gracious thank-you and return to discussing their next big event. A great fête doesn’t plan itself, dear. I return to the G&H studio, simply floating, vowing to put more southern grace, sweet tea and seersucker into my life.

Great thanks to Imprint Digital Design of Wilmington, North Carolina, USA, for picking us for High Cotton.