I was recently commissioned to create a logo for a private event called ‘Pork & Pearls,’ a weekend of gourmet barbecue, roasted oysters, craft beers and such. Early on, I was informed that subtlety was not on the menu. They wanted a pig wearing pearls. And maybe a crown of flowers. I’ve always had this thing about pigs…when they’re adorned with apparel—pearls, a hat, boots, anything—I instantly see the pig as a little too human. And half-naked. Correction: half-nekkid. I guess it’s like the old ‘Why isn’t Porky Pig wearing any pants?’ issue.

So I set out to do something different with a pig and a pearl. The Birth of Venus came to mind. That’s what you were thinking, too, right? So it was settled—the pig will be a pig, sans accoutrement, save one flower. And, I get the bonus of giving a snout-out to Botticelli. She’ll be divinely presented in an oyster shell. And the pearl will be the stuff of Steinbeck—singular and large. That way, it can be seen from a distance on posters and signage.

I started with pencil sketches, then scanned them and crudely cut and positioned them till the pig and shell felt good together. I do that a lot—I’m a bit messy behind the scenes. From there, I went vector with it since I was going for kind of an old Hatch Show Print look anyway, less the off register inks.

Behold. Some pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.