Our fair conservatory has volumes of verse that await illustration. This fanciful one, which was penned by my dear friend, Tandhi Swink, would make a fine little book. If I were a wishing fish, I would wish it be brought to life by a particular English painter and master artist-of-all-trades, who would bring sheer magic to it with his inimitable style. Whose painting style do you think would suit this poem?

How were your dreams, my darling?
Did you fly across the sea?
Last night in a dragonboat of light,
with parasols of green?

Did rain drops drape around you
Silver kissed upon a pond
And darling, are you still the reigning
Empress of Beyond?

Did golden seas of goldfish
Rise to greet you as before?
Did you glide on gilded rivers
Far beyond the shimm’ring shore?

‘Neath silken tent of moonbeams
did you bathe in starry light
Whilst paper tiger lanterns
Purred their stripes upon the night?

Did lotus cranes enfold the stars
To make your feather bed?
Did moonlit mothlets dance
a winged crown about your head?

On velvet waves of navy
sewn with royal seams of jade
did loyal turtles proudly hail
your seahorse promenade?

Did the manatee flotilla,
once again festoon the tide?
Did you see, fair Queen, a sheen
of leaping fishlings at your side?

I did not dare to wake you
From your sleep my precious swan,
But watched the while you dreamt
And ruled the gallant blue beyond.

~ T Swink