I love ink and brush. I love china markers. I love…(gasp) Sharpies! Admittedly, there’s not a lot of dynamic line weight going on. Calligraphy it ain’t. But there’s something naively captivating and friendly about those whiffy little nibs. I guess it’s the John Lennon look. Lennon doodled all the time. Just Google his doodles. Are they genius? Probably not. But Lennon did them so we look beyond the line and see profundity in the lack of profundity.

The sharpie-look speaks of spontaneity. Of ideas so prolific they have to be put down on paper—NOW. They’re casual, sometimes cryptic. They don’t have to try. They’d beg you to look for deeper meaning except that they’re too cool to beg. You may say I’m a dreamer. But I say Sharpies have a well-earned place in any portfolio. Or pocket.

Here, a few pix from Sharpie seshes past. Rock. Star.