How do you explain the BIG sound of a great little instrument like the ukulele? Extremes! …a great way to introduce humor and catch the eye. So, ukulele small. Elephant big. Done! Well, almost. How to show the ‘fun’ part of ‘BIG FUN’? Steering a speeding cherry-red racer with your feet, while strumming, wind in your ears, trunk over your shoulder? Aye.

Drawn in pencil, then inked with a brush. Both the car and pachyderm were done in black india ink and colored digitally—which was tough because everyone knows elephants are frightened by mice. I kept mine on the mousepad in a firm grip so he didn’t spook anybody.

You’ll see in the original concept sketch that there was actually a scrappy little mouse steering the car, on the ele’s knee. I ended up exterminated that element. The elephant already had a little friend- the ukulele. The mouse seemed like a distracting third wheel. So the elephant sits in his racer, needing nothing more from life than his red ukulele, which is, not by accident, held lovingly right over his heart. Awww.