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Purrsons of Interest

Us, really? Yes! Gee and Haw has been brought on to create illustrations for a clever, new series of educational cards – ‘Purrsons of Interest, Special Collection.’ We have the OK to sneak-peek one of ’em– based on the Right Honourable Margaret Thatcher’s feline persona, ‘Meowgaret Thatcher.’

Several others are in the works — Churchill, Reagan, […]

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Never a Dull Moment: Sharpies

I love ink and brush. I love china markers. I love…(gasp) Sharpies! Admittedly, there’s not a lot of dynamic line weight going on. Calligraphy it ain’t. But there’s something naively captivating and friendly about those whiffy little nibs. I guess it’s the John Lennon look. Lennon doodled all the time. Just Google his doodles. Are […]

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Don’t Just Knit There…

Inspired by Norman Rockwell’s iconic ‘Rosie,’ this latest painting was created to hang in an open ‘everyman’s’ gallery exhibit—no jury, no selection, only limited rejection…

In case you find yourself standing in front of this work wondering what it’s all about, some background:

Norman Rockwell (every man’s EveryMan) based the pose of his Rosie on Michelangelo’s ‘Isaiah’ […]

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The Grand Boll

Pleased as punch to receive an invitation to design a logo for a new event planning company. The creation of three honorary southern belles, High Cotton Event is all it sounds like. Folks planning a soiree in the Carolinas (USA) needn’t have a care in the world — this well-traveled trio is creative, gracious and […]

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Young love is Campaignful

America has selected the presumptive king and queen of the 2016 American Prom. If you’re one of the wallflowers still standing about waiting for Mr. (or Ms) right to sweep you off your feet, it’s time get down and Dirty. For those who want to avoid the heartache of broken promises and sellouts, there’s now […]

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Big Ukulele Fun

How do you explain the BIG sound of a great little instrument like the ukulele? Extremes! …a great way to introduce humor and catch the eye. So, ukulele small. Elephant big. Done! Well, almost. How to show the ‘fun’ part of ‘BIG FUN’? Steering a speeding cherry-red racer with your feet, while strumming, wind in […]

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Scottish Fold

My daughter is big into origami. It didn’t take long for her to bring me into the fold. She made a little green moggy-in-the-box (“Mr. Meowgi”) for my studio. That spawned a chuckle about how most origami cats are probably Scottish Folds. I found out it’s much easier to fold an analog cat than render […]

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Pigs & Oysters

I was recently commissioned to create a logo for a private event called ‘Pork & Pearls,’ a weekend of gourmet barbecue, roasted oysters, craft beers and such. Early on, I was informed that subtlety was not on the menu. They wanted a pig wearing pearls. And maybe a crown of flowers. I’ve always had this […]

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The Empress of Beyond

Our fair conservatory has volumes of verse that await illustration. This fanciful one, which was penned by my dear friend, Tandhi Swink, would make a fine little book. If I were a wishing fish, I would wish it be brought to life by a particular English painter and master artist-of-all-trades, who would bring sheer magic […]

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